ĐApp Book

A Primer to Web3, decentributed Web Application Development


This book will introduce you to building decentributed Web Application Development. It is meant as a practical guide, and as such will focus on today-ready applicable knowledge. After a short definition, it must, however, cover some basics of decentributed system to understand the implications this has on the platforms and even up to the application design level.

As a practical guide this eBook compares multiple current platforms on the robustness of their decentralization architecture as well as their higher-level provided tooling. We'll compare these first on a technological basis before going further, publishing our first Blog on those networks and asses how easy it is for a common user to access it. We'll then try to implement a commenting features to that Blog and must talk about the, rather different, data types and computation models these networks provide.

Before we can go further and discuss how a fully decentralized sharing app - of the likes of Twitter or Facebook - could be developed and implement on these networks with the given data types. During this phase we'll also shed some light on how to manage data linking and ownership by looking at previous work done in this field, and how applicable it is to the existing platforms.

Before concluding and taking a look into the, hopefully not to distant, future.

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